Our People

Our core philosophy and guiding principle is: PEOPLE MATTER MOST.

We believe if you’re going to build a company for long-term success, you have to know what’s important to you and your business, then deliberately focus on it. We know that we are in the human connection business and our culture is dependent on people who genuinely care. Without guests who leave happy and talented staff who care about our guests, we won’t exist as a business. So, we do business in a way that illustrates our respect for people.

Todd Mussman

“Muss,” as he’s known, is a CIA-trained chef who worked with Fifth Group at the Food Studio, South City Kitchen, and Sala before opening Muss & Turner’s.

You might meet someone as knowledgeable about food, but we seriously doubt you’ll ever meet anyone as passionate. From crawling on his belly in the forest foraging morel mushrooms to breaking down whole hogs and turning them into delectable delights, Todd can do it ALL in the kitchen. With his deep knowledge and passion for food plus his good looks, he is usually the one you’ll see on TV or executing cooking classes at our restaurants. Muss spends his time assisting wherever needed in daily operations while guarding the “mothership” Muss & Turner’s.

You’ll know he is originally from Boston as soon as he opens his mouth. Sorry ladies, Muss is married and lives in Smyrna with his wife, two kids and dog. In his spare time, he loves to spend time on his hunting lease and cooking: his passion for food is not left at work.

Muss is a founding board member of The Giving Kitchen and takes an active role every year and executing TEAM HIDI, their primary fundraising event.

Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner is usually referred to as the Business Dude.

Since college he has worked in every role in a restaurant from dishwasher to bartender. Turner was the food & beverage manager at East Lake Golf Club prior to cutting his “business teeth” by opening Muss & Turner’s in February of 2005. Since signing his first lease he has been drinking from a fire hose, adjusting and adapting on the fly. Turner has stared down financial disaster multiple times and is eternally grateful to have experienced the not-so-gentle cupping of the Great Recession so early in his business career.

Turner spends his time working on the business with the back office support team as well as with Muss & Turner’s and is also the partner liaison assisting Chris Talley, Managing Partner at Common Quarter.

Turner serves as Board Chairman of The Giving Kitchen in addition to serving as the 2015 Board Chairman of the Georgia Restaurant Association. Turner was named the 2014 Business Person of the Year by The Metro Atlanta Chamber and the Atlanta Business Chronicle in the Experienced Entrepreneur category.

Originally from Maine, he attended the University of Vermont, did a term of service with Americorps along the border of Mexico, carpetbagged his way to the Atlanta in 1995, looking for a Georgia Peach, a job, and some warm weather (in that order). He ultimately found all three and now lives in Smyrna nearly right above Muss & Turner’s with his wife, Shelley and two young children.

Chris Hall

Hall is clearly the most rakishly handsome and debonair of the three Unsukay Partners.  His story begins right around the corner from Local Three at the Pizza Hut on Collier Road, where he worked as a teenager. He threw some pizzas and moved up the proverbial ladder, eventually landing, while in college, at Philadelphia’s famed Lec Bec Fin where he was begrudgingly taught to cook by an angry Frenchman & his minions.

Hall eventually headed home to Atlanta in search of bourbon and a Southern Belle. He found both and is still in love with both to this day. He landed at Canoe on his return and and cut his  teeth with Gary Mennie, George McKerrow, Ron San Martin and the gang by the river. After meeting Turner and Muss, a fast friendship formed and the seed for Local Three was born. Years later, they opened to a swell of critical and guest acclaim.

Hall participates actively in a number of charities and is Vice Chairman of The Giving Kitchen. In 2015, Chris, Ryan, and Todd were named Cornerstone Humanitarians by the National Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation for their role in kickstarting The Giving Kitchen.

He out-kicked his coverage by a long way and has been married to his wife Julie since 2000. When he is not in the restaurants, he is golfing, crashing around the woods, shooting at things, and generally acting the fool. Hall loves both kinds of football – round & oblong – and is obsessed with Georgia Tech winning a national championship & Arsenal winning the Premier League. He likes Dusty Rhodes, the Dude, a great bottle of wine, a fine cigar, brown whiskey, piña coladas and getting caught in the rain……


  • Dameren Parenteau
    Dameren Parenteau Chef de Cuisine, Smyrna

    Father. Husband. Dad. Chef.

    Benevolent Dictator.

    Pentacorn Wrangler.

    …. not necessarily in that order.

  • Curt Hummel
    Curt Hummel General Manager

    Loves people, food, drink, service, hospitality and everything that comes with running a great restaurant operation.

    Beer expert, wine geek, funny guy, married with three children, and an Arsenal fan.

  • Izabella Jones
    Izabella Jones Hospitality Manager, East Cobb

    “Bella” was born in Wichita, Kansas. She’s the oldest of four and the short stack with a lot of mouth. Food has always been a family affair, and her mom, the cook in the house, always encouraged Bella to watch and help with dinner preparations. After moving to Atlanta, Bella worked as a flight attendant for eight years but after the 9/11 tragedy things in the travel industry were bad, so she decided to pursue her love for cooking and entertaining. She attended Chattahoochee Tech’s Culinary program which included class time in Italy. After returning, she needed a job in the culinary field and attended a job fair where she met Muss. Despite having no experience serving in a restaurant, Bella quickly became a lead attraction for our regular guests. The rest, as they say, is history. Bella says M&T “is truly the best thing that has happened to me. Everyday I see people that appreciate what we do to their soul through their stomach and it’s a glorious feeling. I love what I do and look forward to more.”

  • Carly Monroe
    Carly Monroe Event Sales Manager

    Born in Pascagoula, MS and after college moved to Gulf Shores, Carly started a part-time catering business while attending Faulkner State Gulf Coast Culinary Institute. After some time catering in Orange Beach, AL, Carly landed in Atlanta, working as the Catering Coordinator for a local bank which used Muss & Turner’s to cater many lunches and executive meetings. She impressed the M&T team with her attitude and work ethic. After the bank was shuttered, Carly moved to Tampa, worked as a project director, planning pharmaceutical meetings throughout the country. We contacted her shortly after we opened Local Three as we thought she’d be the perfect fit to be our Party Girl. She flew up and met everyone, took it all in, went back, packed up and moved a few weeks later. Carly is thrilled to now manage events for Local Three and Muss & Turner’s and be able to express her passion for helping people plan events and to celebrate their lives.

  • Charlie Zaremba
    Charlie Zaremba Pastry Chef

    Born and raised in Marietta Georgia, Charlie grew up cooking with his mom and grandma, and ended up finding his​ way​ into the culinary field around the age of 20. Compared to previous work, cooking was a blast to Charlie, and he decided to make it a career. He’s grateful to have met so many interesting and inspiring people that have helped him along and taught him most of what ​he​ know​s​ about cooking today.

  • Sarah Buckley
    Sarah Buckley Event Enthusiast

    Sarah started in the restaurant business at 18 at the local Pizza Hut and hasn’t figured out a way to escape yet.  After a long distance obsession with the band Tool left her unfulfilled, Sarah left the booming metropolis of Saranac, New York (population 4,007 – give or take) in search of better weather & a handsome chef and found both at Unsukay. She is now an integral part of our group dining & catering team, and when not booking events at Local Three and Muss & Turner’s, she can be found hanging out with her two dogs, Zeus & Zoey and shrieking around the kitchen after one of the sous chefs has scared her. A devotee of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia & The Usual Suspects, Sarah would love to assist you in planning your next event with us.

  • Rosalyn “Roz” Williams-Aparicio
    Rosalyn “Roz” Williams-Aparicio Hospitality Manager, Smyrna

    Roz was born and raised in the land of Elvis, Blues and BBQ – Memphis, TN.  She’s the always vibrant, energetic and animal loving friend to all. Roz thrives on making things comfortable and happy for everyone, and that passion is part of her daily mantra. In November of 2014, Roz joined the Muss & Turner’s team as a hostess; and her undeniable positivity for bringing joy to those around her prompted M&T to promote her to a management role. Roz believes the dining experience should be one of enjoyment for both the customer and the restaurant, similar to sharing a meal at a friend’s home. So if you’re dinning with us at Muss & Turners, you’re likely to get a warm greeting and smile from Roz.

  • Lindsay Ferdinand
    Lindsay Ferdinand Beverage Manager, Smyrna

    Lindsay grew up in a family that has always been involved in hospitality in some sort of way, which led to her deep rooted love for the restaurant industry. She’s worked almost every position and says that she still loves it. “Coming from a big Italian family, where all my favorite memories involve family, friends, food, and drinks, how could I not want a career where I get to surround myself with the same things?”  Lindsay began working at Common Quarter as a bartender and quickly moved up to Assistant General Manager and Beverage Manager. We are thrilled that Lindsay is now at Muss & Turner’s Smyrna managing our beverage program!