15 Years of M&T

High-Res Smyrna Store Front Drawing – Rachel Bongard 2

A Love Letter From Our 15 Year Old Restaurant

Since opening our doors on February 8th 2005 Muss & Turner’s has proven to be everything we ever hoped for and beyond our wildest imagination. We always wanted to be a neighborhood joint with no culinary boundaries and no pretense; a place you could always come as you are, enjoy yourself and be comfortable. We never saw beyond the hope of surviving a year out let alone national accolades on our tiny corner of the universe. In year two we pivoted from a gourmet retail shop & deli into a “deli by day and bistro by night” and six years later we again evolved with the addition of Eleanor’s. The memories are so rich and range from tragedy to comedy. Marriages have been formed and many babies born. So many strangers have evolved into lifelong friends and we can call on countless folks as family because we have chosen each other. The road has been winding and bumpy to say the least but we have few regrets and engage each day very grateful for the lessons learned and more than anything the relationships we’ve gained along the way.  There are three constants that have never faltered and allowed us to reach year fifteen in our journey.

1.)  An incredible team of nice, caring, committed, hard working people.
2.)  The most supportive, thoughtful and loyal guests on the planet.
3.)  Supply & service partners, landlords, bankers and backers who believed in us.

We knew from day one that the food, drink and service had to be great but it was always going to ride shotgun to human connection. The driver of our motivation and sustainability has been the people. That is our why. That is the secret sauce. Make people feel good and our community a better place. You can string all the ups, downs, decisions and different versions of M&T together on that thread.

Not one day yet have we been guaranteed anyone would show up to buy from us and we are crystal clear that today just as much as 5,478 days ago we are going to have to continue to connect, be consistent, demonstrate our care and earn the trust of every guest, every shift, every day. We are entitled to nothing. Many people comment about how tough our business is and they are correct, but so isn’t anything inherently good or long lasting in life. If one chooses to dive deep and swim freely in the complexity, passion, problem solving, creativity, humanity, psychology and challenges of wanting to make people happy they may see the beauty of what we see and understand how we feel. We love it! It is “the tough” that makes it great and so fulfilling for us. We embrace the suck and choose to make it not suck (Unsukay) by learning, calibrating and improving from it. We tell ourselves daily that if it were easy then everyone would be doing it and therein lies our opportunity.

We deeply appreciate the privilege of making a living by bringing people joy and enriching their lives every single day. We could not feel more fortunate and will do everything in our power over the next fifteen years to get better and better at it. You deserve nothing less.

From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you!

With Love,
Ryan, Todd (Muss) & Chris and the M&T Family