Summer Grilling Tips From Muss

Everyone thinks of burgers, dogs, steaks and wings when they think of summer grilling, but don’t forget the bounty of summer veg! There are tons of things you can throw right in the grill from the garden and transform into the jewels of summer.

TOMATOES:  Roast some tomatoes and sweet onions and until charred and sweet. Top some crusty bread and add some fresh basil and crumbled feta for a fresh bruschetta appetizer.

EGGPLANTS:  Nestle a couple of large eggplants directly into your coals until the skin burns and the inside becomes smoky and tender. Place into a bowl and cover with plastic to steam them through. Scrape away the charred skin to reveal the creamy eggplant inside. Place onto a platter and mash down with a fork. Top with tahini, lemon, cilantro and fresh chopped tomatoes, sea salt and olive oil.  Serve with toasted pita chips.

ELOTE:  Mexican-style corn on the cobb is one of our house favs for sure! Shuck and grill your corn until it takes on some color and gets nice and roasty (yeah, I made up that word). Skewer the corn to make a handle. Brush the corn with mayonnaise, sprinkle with chili powder, roll in cotija cheese and serve with cilantro and lime. A super fresh summer time snack!

Muss and Chef Kevin Rathbun shared some of their Big Green Egg recipes with AJC.
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