There is no easy way to share with you some news that may be shocking and could cause initial sadness, but I hope will ultimately generate deep appreciation, gratitude and inspiration.

After 5,178 days (14+ years) of giving an abundance of her energy, effort, love and care to Muss & Turner’s, Izabella Jones (aka Bella) is embarking down a new career path.

If I’m being honest, this is one of those days I was hoping would never happen for many reasons and primarily rooted in selfishness. We’ve been through a lot of smiles, stress and tears together. I love her dearly. She is family.  No one has cared more or done more to be the guardian of our guest’s dining experience, no one. Her infectious and radiant personality has been like therapy for many of us and we have been so fortunate to have earned her loyalty for so long. It is impossible to measure the impact she has had on M&T but I KNOW it is immense and we are forever grateful.

Bella feels it is the right time to move on to something new that will allow her to leverage her incredible talent / skill sets and see the world. Not only do we all fully support her, but I am inspired by her courage to leave the comfort of M&T and embrace the uncertainty of something new. We want Bella to be happy and fulfilled, that matters most. I trust that after the shock and initial sadness you too will agree and join us in our excitement for her.

One of the ways I’ve been processing this transition the past few weeks is reflecting on the impact she’s had on me, my family, my happiness and peace of mind. She has been a model for living our company’s purpose, to make people feel good and our community a better place. I’ve chosen for my appreciation for Bella to fill me and try to honor her by allowing my light to shine bright and ripple into the stakeholders and strangers in my life. Please consider joining me.

So what is she doing?

As a former flight attendant, she is heading back into the world of air travel, but specifically in private aircraft hospitality. It makes complete sense to me and I am sure she is going to kill it!

Will you be able to see her and say goodbye and good luck? Yes but…

Due to the gravity of her impact on so many, we’ve kept this under wraps until now so she could fulfill her duties and commitment to the team in running great shifts without distraction. Her official last day as a manager was New Year’s Day. Bella goes to her flight school training in February, so she has carved out some dates and time frames in which she will be at M&T to do nothing but love on and be loved on by whomever wants in on it.

January 13th 12pm – 8pm

January 26th 12pm – 8pm

**IMPORTANT – please rsvp to if you plan to come by and need a reso for lunch or dinner. We need a preferred time and a total number of people. This will be a HUGE help in making sure we can properly plan, staff and execute a great experience for everyone.

If you are not comfortable coming by or are unable to on either of those days please share your sentiments to Bella in a brief video or a photo. We are collecting them Here. This is an amazing way for everyone to shine the light back on Bella and her body of work at M&T. It will be a gift she will forever cherish. Please submit your video or photo by EOD this Monday 1/10/22.

She would certainly love to hear from you at if you want to arrange a way to connect and or stay connected.

M&T will never be the same without Bella, how could it be? But that is ok, the show must go on and it will. We have so many caring souls who are able, ready  and willing to connect with each of you to ensure you feel comfortable, cared for and appreciated whenever you choose to spend your time and money with us.

On behalf of my partners and the entire Unsukay family, thank you for taking a moment along with us to reflect, recognize and celebrate Izabella Jones.

With gratitude,