I’d love your help and am happily willing to compensate you for it.
Chris Hall and I started the Bird Dog Wine Club a year ago. Last October I fully took the wheel so Chris could focus more on the birth of our new restaurant, Roshambo. I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d be willing to take a few minutes to read below and share our wine club with folks you think might see value in it.
If you refer someone(s) who joins, we will send you a $50 e-gift card for every referral to spend on food in our restaurants. No catches… They just need to write in your name before submitting for payment.

Caveat #1: Deadline for signing up for April is midnight Thursday 3/31. If someone you refer signs up after 3/31 it will be for the May subscription and you will still get the $50 e-gift card.

Caveat #2: I am not looking for many new members, only about 20. We are at about 100 members now and I’ve determined that our sweet spot to curate the hidden gems with enough inventory and handle everything logistically is at 120 members.

Caveat #3: I am going to give Ambassadors only aka “the cool kids” a run at this for this month and if we don’t fill up membership, we will start marketing to others.
Context For The Perfect Referral:
Managing the curation of the wine for Bird Dog has afforded me the opportunity to get back to my roots of the early days at M&T. I love to introduce folks to wines they’ve never heard of before which can invariably lead to sharing great deals. From day one we’ve wanted our guests to see our wine program as a trusted place of discovery. A place for you to find your next everyday wine to enjoy at home. There are over 15,000 different kinds of wine in Atlanta at any given time and I’ve always seen my job as finding you the needles in the haystack. If we are going to charge you the markup that we have to in order to pay the bills and make a buck, I’d rather show you something unique, off the beaten path and out-punches its price point. I just don’t see the value proposition in selling you something that is stacked high at the grocery store and really annoys you with our markup. I’ve always described our method as wanting to “bird dog” for you, hence the name for the club.
The other commitment was and still is, I won’t sell a wine I don’t like and think is a value myself. Early on, my philosophy was if we were ever going to go out of business, I’d be damned if I was going to have a bunch of wine on our shelves I didn’t like. This doesn’t guarantee you will like what I like, but something to lean on if you are willing to trust my palate.
Well, six months in, I have my groove on and our wine partners are submitting better and better candidates, not just what their bosses need them to sell. I am more convinced than ever that you don’t have to spend a lot of $ to drink solidly made wine.
To be abundantly clear, the club is not designed for discount buying and only makes sense if someone sees that value in me leveraging my time, relationships and palate to make finding great valued everyday wines easier and less of a gamble.
Here is a sample of recent wines I selected and brief descriptions, which are intended to be short and useful. Those who want to dive deep can use Google, you don’t need me to copy and paste all that. Also, here is my “wine speak” guide so members can interpret my descriptions.
Thanks for reading and your willingness to share the club with others who might benefit from it.
With gratitude,