Exclusive offer for M&T Ambassadors only. I’m giving you until 8:30pm to take advantage before I release the hounds, but I have a hunch I won’t need to.
First, the proper set up. 
Muss grew up in a Jewish deli that his grandfather, Pappa Max, owned in Brookline, MA. It is safe to say he understands bagels and their accoutrements. So last week when Muss says,“I’m gonna figure out if we can make a great bagel with our pizza oven.” Well, he does it and if you think his pizza dough is good, you are in for a treat.
He made six dozen assorted flavors of bagels last week that spun our heads.
Everything, Sesame, Duck Fat Onion, Sea Salt.
Tasted better than they looked. Texture was spot on too.
Onions rendered in duck fat on a bagel? Really Muss!? Stoopid good!
We all flipped out over the bagels. For good measure Muss had a couple members of his tribe sample them for approval. They too freaked out. My kids lost their mind and they barely know a bagel from a donut. We knew we were on to something.
That is where me and Hall, the token goys in the partnership come in. The following is a partially accurate historical reenactment of a conversation last Friday between us partners.
Setting: We are sitting 6 ft apart around the community table in MTH.
Us goys with a mouth full of bagel, “Hey Mussman, how many of those damn things can you make?” 
Muss, “I can double the batch I made and make twelve dozen if I can get some help. The batch I made today took almost 4 hours” 
Us goys now with a light bulb over our head, “Let’s do it! We need to sell that is$t. You can’t deny this from the good people who have been desperately searching the bagel desert for something truly artisan and this delicious. That would be criminal. They are going to go nuts!” 
Muss, “ Alright then, let’s ________ do it!”  
*Mad libs for those who know Muss should not be very difficult.
So here we are. It’s Thursday.
Muss along with our beloved MTH pizzaiolo, Ari Rabinowitz aka ‘Rabbi Mozzarella’ (not making this up) will be making a total of twelve dozen bagels this Saturday to be picked up starting at 4pm.
Fine Print Before The Ask
We are not selling the bagels individually nor by the dozen and nor will you be able to pick and choose. Sorry to be this way but there are a couple of primary reasons why. At least we think they are reasonable.
  1. We are not a bagel shop (yet) so we have limited capacity.

  2. It takes time, talent and effort to do these right so the revenue generated needs to be worth it.
The Ask 
MTH Bagel Platter (only 24 Platters Available)
2 Sesame
2 Sea Salt aka Plain
2 Everything 
10oz of WoodSmoke Provisions Smoked Salmon *if this concept takes off, Muss will start making our own lox
4 Boiled Eggs
Red Onion
8oz Plain Cream Cheese
8oz Scallion Cream Cheese
Pickled Green Tomatoes *until the fresh ones are in season
Online Orders ONLY
*We respectfully have to decline any substitutions or modifications.
When they are gone they are gone. And if they are gone quickly, which we expect? Oy vey! Don’t despair, he will make some more for next Saturday. If it really takes off over the next few weeks, ya never know, it could become “a thing”.
Love, peace & duck grease,
PS- In case you missed it, we are now offering delivery of pizza Tue – Thur. www.mthpizza.com