Street Food Sundays


Embark on a Unique Culinary Journey with “Street Food Sundays” at Muss & Turner’s!

After a delicious journey through the flavors of Mexico, we’re thrilled to introduce our Southeast Asia theme starting Sunday, May 19th. Prepare yourselves for an adventure through the vibrant street food culture of Southeast Asia, right here in Smyrna.

Som Tam: Green Papaya, Peanuts, Lime, Chili
Grilled Twa Ko: Cambodian Pork Sausage
Mango Sticky Rice
Ike’s Wings: Fish Sauce, Garlic, Cilantro, Mint
Larb Salad: Minced Pork, Mint, Cilantro, Red Onion, Lettuce Wraps
Vietnamese Meatballs: Hoisin Glaze
Vegetable Lumpia: Carrot, Cabbage, Sweet Chili Sauce
Nam Kho: Crispy Jasmine Rice, Cured Pork, Curry, Coconut, Peanuts
Nam Tok: Picanha Steak, Nam Prik, Cucumber, Fresh Herbs, Sticky Rice
Khao Soi: Noodles, Tofu, Coconut Curry

Open Sesame: Sesame Soju, Pineapple Liqueur, Cherry Herring, Fresh Lime, Jamaican Bitters, Ginger Beer
Trippin in Thailand: Yuzu Infused Cachaca, Ube, Mango Liqueur, Orange Bitters
Beer: Quench your thirst with Westbrook White Thai.

(This menu will be subject to change based upon availability.)

We are crazy excited about this menu, y’all. Available Sunday nights only for a limited time.