Hope everyone has had a good week so far.


Restaurant Recommendation 
I’m starting out by shining a light and shouting out my family’s favorite “non Unsukay” place to dine. It is called Minato, a Japanese restaurant in Smyrna. Many of you probably know about and also love Minato as it has been the epitome of a great neighborhood restaurant for thirty years as of last August. It is owned and operated by Pat and Kevin Chang. Pat is the lead server and Kevin is the head sushi chef.


I went for lunch with Chris and Todd a couple of weeks ago, for the first time since the pandemic, and the sushi (get the chirashi bowl) was fantastic as it always is but it was Pat’s warm welcome that really stood out. I dined there with my family last Thursday night to celebrate Cal’s birthday and Pat & Kevin’s nephew, Phillip, took care of us. I got to tell you it was without question the greatest hospitality we’ve ever experienced as a family. My kids have never felt so special and it blew us all away from A to Z. I felt compelled to share this with you and make sure you know about these wonderful people, who make our community a better place, and also like so many of us in the restaurant industry need your support.


MTH Pizza Update
For those of you who may have experienced some serious timing issues with us at MTH the past two Fridays, we apologize and I wanted to let you know we figured out the problem at root level. Bottom line is we were unknowingly allowing for more orders to be placed online than our pizza oven could physically handle. At max capacity the Renato oven can cook only 60 pies per hour. So if there is ever a long quote for time, that is the reason. I promise we appreciate and want your business and to accommodate your needs as best we can.


Anyone who knows us well, knows that another one of our favorite restaurants is Tasty China. One of our go to dishes is Shan City chicken which is a classic Szechaun dish. Muss decided to make his version of it for our MTH wings and they are RIDICULOUS! My son Cal, after one bite declared them his favorite of all the flavors and I am too.


New Weekend Hours
Sat – 12pm – 8:30pm
Sun – 12pm – 8pm


Game Day Package starting tomorrow.
(2)x 2 topping pizzas and 24 wings for $59.93, available Sat-Mon takeout, delivery and dine in.
What could be better for the GT/ Clemson game or UGA v Alabama? 


Help Us Spread Our Wings
If you are bookfacer, please share the news about our wings and enter to win a private wine tasting / pizza party with yours truly.
Share this post and comment shared to enter. THANK YOU!


Bread For The Head
Embrace The Suck has been a mantra / mindset for me for many years and became a thing amongst our team and with many of you during the last six months. It is more relevant than ever as we all continue to endure the ceaseless uncertainty.


Here is what this mindset means to me. 
When you are in the thick of difficulties, adversity or even tragedy find a way to pull yourself out of the emotional storm to acknowledge you are in the crucible of life. Do everything you can to stay in this crucible and deal with whatever it is head on. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim. Trust there is a purpose behind everything and there will be silver linings relative to your growth that you could not previously see. You will not know when you will emerge, and that is hard, but eventually you will shoot out the other side of the crucible at a higher horizon of wisdom and strength that will serve you well. Look at many of the most influential leaders throughout history and you will find a common theme amongst them. Their greatness was born from being able to overcome one or two critical events that was not anticipated nor planned for.


Embrace The Suk Tee Shirts are back with a new design that is very Unsukay.  $20 per shirt and $10 of it is now benefitting the Giving Kitchen. We make nothing.


Have a wonderful weekend and go Braves!


With gratitude,