Have you ever wondered how you get a bar not only named after you but become a tribute to your life? I am happy to answer that question for you tonight. You could also meet or chat with Eleanor herself and it won’t take too long for you to connect the dots.
Eleanor, Muss, Hall and myself will be there starting at 5pm this evening if you are able to stop by, we’d love to see you.
Informing this amazing woman that we were going to name and honor her in this way is easily a top moment for the three of us over the last 17 + years. It continues to be a privilege to shine a light on her in this way as she continues to be an important part of our team at 80 years young. Seeing her work that room like an A list celebrity is just so damn cool.
More on Eleanor>. By the way, did you know her webpage is hidden behind another cooler door? Go to the bottom of this page
Opening Eleanors ten years ago made some serious waves. We sent out one email to this Ambassador group announcing its opening and BOOM, it was packed and other than COVID that has never stopped! We set out to bring our community something very special and unique, not just a bar or holding tank for M&T diners waiting on a table. Playing hard to get and creating a hip discovery / escapism ride in the amusement park fundamentally changed our trajectory and made many things possible, most importantly the financial viability of M&T.
We relish in our guest’s having so much pride in Eleanor’s and wanting to share the experience with others. Many of you lamented early on not wanting “the secret” to get out, but you still shared it to help support our business and we are very grateful for that! Sitting in the Grog shop and hearing the freezer door open and then hearing someone exclaim holy i$ht or what the?! will never ever get old for us.
This was the second project after Local Three, that all three partners of Unsukay created and designed together. This was very meaningful for our partnership as it naturally connected Chris Hall to M&T for the long haul. He was already connected to all our debt as a 1/3 partner of M&T, so the creation of Eleanor’s provided a more genuine sense of ownership that has served us well. We’ve had countless very talented, creative and caring folks serve up incredible cocktails over the years and we are so appreciative for each of them.
Thank you all for your support of Eleanor’s the last ten years. Thank you for celebrating special occasions with us, making it your favorite watering hole, lunch spot or coming in for, before or after date night. It doesn’t work without your immense loyalty and please know we don’t take that for granted.
To great food, drink and people,
Ryan,Todd & Chris