Happy new year to you and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season all things considered. As we head straight into 2021 it would be wonderful if you might be willing to assist us in spreading the word on some essential revenue centers as we continue navigating through the storm.
1. Now Open Monday. Starting today we are back to our pre-COVID hours of 7 days per week lunch and dinner.
2. For those of you who like to plan ahead, you can now pre-order our prepared Family Meals for two ahead of time not just on the day of. Click here for this week’s menu. We also have a very short survey up for your input if you are a fan or not of our Family Meals. Here>  Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us improve.
3. We are doing catering deliveries so if you know of any opportunities to feed a group of food loving folks we’d love to help. Front line workers, teachers, co-workers, clients etc… Maybe create a pay it forward challenge with your network and create a win / win for multiple groups fighting through the challenges of the pandemic?  Here is our menu>
4. As you may know, we chose to close down MTH Pizza Friday through today (Monday) for the safety of our staff and guests. We will be back open tomorrow (Tuesday). To state the obvious, closing down for four days was a major financial hit to us and our team members. I could not think of a better week for you to order up some pizza & wings! Just sayin….  ; )
Thank you all for your continued support, caring, cheerleading and advocating for our team and restaurants. We see you and feel you and you have no idea how much it matters to us all.
With gratitude,


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