Best Delis in America: 10 Reasons Why

Muss & Turner’s is One of the Best Delis in America

Maybe you’ve heard, but Muss & Turner’s is incredibly honored to boast some serious street cred in the world of delis. We’ve humbly earned the title as one of the best delis in America by some reputable sources. If you’ve only dined with us in the evening, these reigning best deli titles might seem a little odd, but during the day Muss & Turner’s is a fast-casual, walk-up counter-service kind of joint with award-winning sandwiches.

So what is it that separates us from the rest to earn us the distinction of one of the best delis in America? Well, you can check out these Food Network or Food & Wine accolades for reference, but we want to dive a little deeper and highlight what we think makes our service and food stand out.

10 Reasons Why Muss & Turner’s is Among the Nation’s Best Delis

  1. The people/service: We say this, but we truly believe this – people matter most. Our secret sauce is the human connection we foster with our guests and the people that make up our staff (people who are more like family). We genuinely love taking care of people and making them feel good. Furthermore, we believe that a happy team trickles down to happy guests. So, our people put love into every dish we make and deliver. It really makes a huge difference in the final product. Learn more about our “secret sauce.”
  2. The process: Next, every single dish at M&T is scratch-made with love (aside from our bread – we leave that to the experts at H&F Bread Co.). Our food philosophy is really simple: 1) We don’t take shortcuts (seriously, we peel, soak and hand-punch our fries from potatoes daily). 2) We get the best ingredients we can get our hands on locally. And 3) We craft as much by-hand as possible. Therefore, our team is always thinking like a chef to utilize as we can without waste, too. Learn more about our food philosophy.
  3. Locally-sourced/seasonally inspired: We partner with respectable local vendors such as High Road Ice Cream, Riverview Farms, Tucker Farms, Yoder Tomatoes, Pearson Peaches, REV Coffee and many others. Our vendors understand that in order to be the best you should serve what’s local, what’s in season and what’s fresh. Our menu is constantly updated with new dishes utilizing quality, seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers and vendors.
  4. The kids will love it: We’re one of the best delis around and it’s not just about the grown-ups! Our kids meals are made with the same quality food and meticulous process that are put into our menu items for the adults. In addition, you won’t ever find anything from a box or the freezer (except ice cream) – ever. After all, we have kids of our own and we want them to put tasty, high-quality ingredients into their bodies. As a bonus, every kids meal comes with a free scoop of local hand-crafted High Road ice cream and house-made syrup. What kid doesn’t love that? Check out our kids menu.
  5. The salads + sides: So, we like to think we crush the sandwich game, but some of our soups, salads and sides are certainly nothing to scoff at. For instance, take the MOT salad with kippered (hot-smoked in-house) Skuna Bay salmon, or Todd’s Token Salad with organic mixed field greens, beets, goat cheese, toasted hazelnuts and a house-made balsamic. We have a wide variety of add-ons for salads, too, so you can get creative. Also, did we mention our soup updates daily? And the fries. Oh, the fries! They pair perfectly with our house-made dipping aoilis. And, what’s a deli without an assortment of pickles? We offer a selection of pickles with every sandwich. Guests can choose from new (fresh & crunchy), dill, old (sour & garlicky), green tomato, or house-made jalapeno mix.
  6. The desserts: Tell me you have heard about our evil cookies. They’re named among the best in Georgia by the AJC and others. They’re a quarter of a pound and feature two kinds of chocolate chips, milk and dark, with the option of local Georgia pecans. In other words, pure evil, right? We have a wildly talented in-house pastry chef, Charlie Zaremba, who has helped to craft some unforgettable desserts including our infamous goat cheesecake with seasonally inspired compote (named a must-try by Eater), white chocolate brownies and so much more. Come check out our dessert case updated daily!
  7. We cater all of this goodness
    Furthermore, everything that you love when you visit one of the best delis in America can be yours at your home party, friendly tailgate, office meeting or event space. We have a variety of catering options that will wow guests. Best of all, our team will handle everything from start to finish including set up and break down. Great food with no effort? Score. We promise your guests will be begging for more! Book us for your next event/meeting here.
  8. The drinks: Food + drink go hand in hand. And if we put that much care into our food menu, then why not take the same care for our drinks as well? Our mixed drinks are expertly designed to feature unique ingredients and flavor combinations. In addition, our Tuesday wine tastings focus on one of the best winemaking regions around the world. Come sip and learn each week in a casual, comfortable environment. A little insider tip: head back through a metal cooler door in M&T to find Eleanor’s, our in-house speakeasy. Eleanor’s sports delicious hand-crafted mixed drinks, local craft beer and an extensive wine list chock-full of hidden wine gems you’ll want to score again on your next grocery store run. Check out more on our beverage program.
  9. The brunch: Imagine starting your day with St. Germain mimosas and the best breakfast sandwiches you’ve ever tasted. Above all, our Bucknastys Morning After is sure to cure any Saturday Scaries. Made with house smoked beef brisket, bbq demi, onion rings, Nueske’s bacon, dijon, sour pickles, H&F pullman toast, and fried egg – you. can’t. go. wrong. Of course, we have plenty of more traditional brunchy options too from biscuits and gravy to deep-fried bread pudding french toast. Check out the full brunch menu here.
  10. The sandwiches: Finally, we had to save the best for last. As one of the best delis in America, we sport an extensive sandwich menu of delicious selections featuring a wide variety of meats and of course vegetarian options. Furthermore, all of our sandwiches can be ordered gluten free, keto, dairy-free, etc. Simply let the staff know as you order. Finally, check out some of the fan-favorites that have made headlines as well and helped earn us the “best deli” title.


The Bucky Goldstein: slow-roasted house-made beef brisket (nothing lean about it!),
Carolina BBQ, sliced sour pickle, tobacco cut onion rings, Dijon, H&F bun

The Burger*: wood grilled Riverview Farm beef, poblano pepper, white cheddar cheese,
red onion, cilantro aioli, H&F bun. This sucker has some legit praise from press nationwide!
Atlanta Magazine , Eater , Big 7 Travel , Fox 5 , Thrillist

Swifty’s Dream: slow-smoked Riverview Farm pork shoulder, BBQ sauce,
horseradish slaw, Nueske’s bacon, H&F bun

Check out our full lunch menu and learn more about Muss & Turners on our website.


Kids Menu Spread at Muss & Turner's