We’re Different From Other “Kid-Friendly Restaurants” in Atlanta (In a Good Way)

Have you found yourself searching for a kid-friendly restaurant in Atlanta as a new lunch or dinner spot to bring the fam? Or, maybe, you’re going to grab a bite and it’s the first time you have a friend/family child in tow. Maybe you read about us in Eater’s story about the best kid-friendly restaurants in Atlanta or you were just hoping one of your favorite local neighborhood spots has something good for the kids. You’re in luck.

Let’s be honest. It’s not always easy dining with tiny humans at a restaurant ーwe get it. While they may not be the most effortless dinner dates at times, they are important to us. So, allow us to make it easier on your family next time you round up the crew for an afternoon or night out.

At Muss & Turner’s, we firmly believe children deserve the same level of service and quality of food that adults are offered. We’re redefining what it means to be a kid-friendly restaurant in Atlanta from top-to-bottom.

Typically, when you hear about a kid-friendly restaurant, you might equate that to a loud atmosphere, the same child-approved menu staples, and a coloring page. Right? We’re committed to offering more.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich on the Kids Menu at M&T


First and foremost, the quality of our food sets us apart. Fresh and local food is very important to our menu and the kids menu follows suit. Therefore, nothing on our kids menu is ever frozen (well, except for the free ice cream!) or made from a box. Every single dish is made-to-order and made-from-scratch, every time, just like the rest of our menu items (if you didn’t know, we make everything from scratch in-house from hand-punching our fries right down to crafting our dipping sauces, salad dressings, and aiolis).

The variety in our kids menu typically takes people by surprise. We know kids can be picky, but we are committed to offering our kiddos a good variety in fresh foods and flavors. So, you’ll see a lot of the same plates (offered in mini sizes) from our adult’s menu. In addition, we have some unique items aside from the standard chicken fingers that we know your kids will love (and you will too!).

Learn more about the quality of food our team is cooking up for your little ones in this video with Muss & Turner’s partner, chef and father — Todd Mussman .

Check out this YouTube Video

Got a picky eater or a food allergy you’re working around? No problem! Because all of our dishes are made-to-order, our team of chefs are happy to jump in and modify anything you see on our menu to accommodate.


When it comes to what they drink, we’re serving up more than milk and juice here. While you’re grabbing yourself a hand-crafted cocktail, check out our list of kid’s non-alcoholic cocktails for a little extra flair or to make your kids feel extra special. Choose from the Vanilla Coke-Tail that features Mexican Coca-Cola, the Tirley Semple with Mexican sprite and pomegranate grenadine or the Orange Cream-Cycle.


To top it all off, get ready for some excitement when the server asks if your little ones have room left for dessert. Each of our kid’s meal offerings come with free vanilla craft ice cream by High Road Ice Cream served with house-made chocolate syrup. Go big or go home, right?


It’s not just the food and drink that differentiates us from other kid-friendly restaurants in Atlanta. We admit, there’s a little bit of magic to the coloring sheet, too. Flip that bad boy over and you’ll see our kiddo feedback section. We want to hear what your little ones think about their meal, too. Plus, those notes and mini pieces of artwork brighten our day and stay hanging around our host stand. Here are some of our favorites.


Check out our full kid’s menu here: https://www.mussandturners.com/kidsmenu101/


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