Eleanor’s: More Than Just Another Speakeasy Bar in Atlanta

The motivation behind Eleanor’s is much more than a speakeasy bar in Atlanta with good mixed drinks. The name comes from Eleanor Seale herself, one of our longest-standing employees, a confidant and head wine / bourbon taster.

Eleanor was the second person we hired when we opened up our Smyrna /  Vinings restaurant, Muss & Turners, almost 15 years ago. From back-of-house to controller to HR to executive assistant, she has played many integral roles as we have grown.

Eleanor’s level of engagement, effort and care into the success of our restaurants is unique. She is our friend, drinking buddy, de facto Mom, in-house Sage, and essentially the fabric that has held “it” all together for us over the years. In other words, our hope in naming Eleanor’s was to reflect the important values of its namesake.

So, what can you expect from a speakeasy bar in Atlanta hiding behind a cooler door in a Vinings restaurant? One of the brains behind Eleanor’s, Unsukay restaurant partner Ryan Turner, answers just that.

Q: What do you feel makes Eleanor’s unique?
A: The way that we’ve hidden the bar is was probably one of the most fun and unique parts about the bar. We have these two-way see-through mirrors. From the Muss & Turner’s side, they appear as decorative mirrors. But, once you enter Eleanor’s you see that they are windows where looking back through to the M&T dining room. Eleanor’s is a complete contrast from the environment in Muss & Turner’s. So, while the two concepts are together, they feel like very different experiences for our guests.  

Q: Why did you decide to make Eleanor’s a “speakeasy”?
A: We wanted to bring our community a bar with good mixed drinks unlike anything else in our neighborhood. But, we also make it a discovery process in order to find it, which heightens the entire experience.

Q: What nods to Eleanor can be seen throughout the space?
A: From the time you walk in you see a curated velvet painting of Eleanor. She’s posing for a White Horse Whiskey ad from her days of owning a liquor store on Roosevelt Island in NYC. The private dining room, The Grog Shop, is named after Eleanor’s old liquor store. Furthermore, there are a variety of images and captions about Eleanor scattered throughout the space representing her entire life.

We want the speakeasy to be a homage to her and represent how much she means to us. Even the wood on the walls comes from old boxes that grew mushrooms on the tops of buildings in NYC where she grew up. It’s definitely has a rich, historical vibe different from any other speakeasy bar in Atlanta.

Q: How do you balance new and traditional on the menu?
A: Our beverage team does an amazing job with giving our guests exactly what they want. We offer different spins on the classics and something original for the season. We also love creating drinks on the spot with the flavor profiles you are looking for. A lot of thought goes into creating good mixed drinks.

So, whether you’re looking for a spot to enjoy the best date night in Atlanta or a unique environment with good mixed drinks, don’t be afraid to step behind the cooler door of our Vinings restaurant, Muss & Turners, to experience a unique speakeasy bar in Atlanta.

Finally, want a bonus tip from Turner?
The key to a good mixed drink is a nice balance between the base spirit, the modifier to soften it and specialty ingredients to add layers of complexity with the flavor or color.


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